Hello world!

Just wanted to start this out with a simple post to start off my #100DaysOfCode challenge.

What’s a 100-days-of-code challenge, you might ask? I hope you don’t, because it’s obvious. I’ve publicly committed to coding an hour a day (not including my day gig) for 100 days straight. Technically, skipped days are allowed here and there, but my intentions are to do 100 actual days even if I have to add missed days onto the end of the challenge.

Full math disclosure before publishing this: my first day was yesterday 1/28, but I’m usually up late. I believe I read somewhere in the challenge details that each “day” of the challenge loosely translated to “before you go to sleep.” In other words, expect some late night posts.

The initial phase will include getting reacquainted with Python, because Python. I’ve read a lot of source, and I’m looking forward to getting my muscle memory back and expanding into more advanced territories. I carry no strict intentions to stick with Python throughout the challenge. I’m pretty badass with C# and almost as baller with JavaScript.

Finally, I have a couple accountability buddies that you can probably dig up on Twitter. Hoping to help them as well as accepting public shaming should I relax my daily challenge.

Happy coding!

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